Age of Second Nature

It is long past the time of Christ
Long past the days of Buddha and Mohammed
Great teachers come to save us all.

Long past the age of innocence
Before technology taught us too much
Changed our world and our perception of this world.

Those were the days when First Nature reigned supreme
The days before humans decided to play God
When prophets taught how to embrace our humanity.

Made in the image and likeness man declared
“I am God”
And woman sprung from a rib are less than human.

350 billion years of evolution and we are the result
Humans attempting to understand
What it means to be human
While our clones wait in the wings.

Machines are devouring our world
Letting the work be done for us
So we will have more leisure time to think, to play
To love and make love
To have more time with our children.

To do nothing at all if the spirit so moves us.

We have created the age of Second Nature
Humans playing God playing humans
And to humans, this has become very confusing.

(Excerpted from Lifting the Veil: Human~Nature)