Dark Feminine Speaks

The full moon lit our way. Then we were climbing along a thick tree branch hanging out over the water. Finally, Panther stopped and turned to us.

“What do you see, little doggies?” she asked.
“The full moon?” Maya replied.
“Yes, in Libra tonight. A time of awakening.”
“I usually like to sleep first before I wake up.” I said, trying to make light of a scary situation.
“You’re always asleep, Shih Tzu, dreaming one dream, everyone – dogs, cats, humans. A collective dream of hate and destruction covering the earth and plowing over nature.”
“Are we really sleeping and this is a dream, a collective dream?”
“Yes, this experience right now is the reality.”
“We met Mother Gaia.”

“She who is everything and nothing, sacred Feminine, the darkness and the light. You were lost and she came to teach you to no longer be afraid – so that you may no longer live in ignorance.”

“I’m tired and hungry and want to wake up from this dream and go home now, please.” I said to no one in particular.
But Panther ignored me.
“Ignorance drives the machine and greed is the fuel. The answer is within reach; but few reach for the solution.”
“How can humans change if they can’t see what they are doing?”

“Oh, they see it; but they are trapped. They have to wake up; but the world is in denial and totally addicted. Only the addicted can remain in a constant state of war, a war against each other, against themselves; mostly against the Mother of All; against their only source of life.”

She was moving fast down the branch and we turned to follow.
“All species have to live within nature and humans must slow the technology that destroys nature.”
“Yes, but that technology makes us comfortable, without that technology we can’t go on. It’s seductive, addictive, and I like it!”
“Exactly,” said Panther over her shoulder. “People have become autistic to what is happening. The destruction of a species, who see no evil, who hear no evil, who ignore the horror around them.”
“Is there a price we must pay, Panther?” I asked.

“Of course, Shih Tzu, there is always a price and unfortunately for humans it is one in which all that is known may have to be destroyed so that a new story can emerge.”

“Whoa, boy!” I said, “I hope that won’t happen in my lifetime.”
“That’s what people always say! They live their lives as if they won’t be here to pay the consequences.”
“So is it possible to put an end to war, hunger, and poverty? No suffering?”
“Difficult to predict. It will take a lot of work if you are seeking peace and tolerance between all cultures.”
“But,” chimed in Maya, “humans don’t know what peace and happiness are. They know war and suffering, even pain and despair, they are comfortable with those, but all the good stuff seems beyond their understanding.”

As the dark thickened around me I whispered, “I think I experienced something special as we explored the Garden Paradise today. You are saying that this is what we can have, this joy and happiness?”
“If humans are willing to detach from their addiction for material pleasure and gain, then yes, it is possible.”
We walked through the darkening night in silence thinking on this. By now I was tired and Panther had moved ahead in the distance. We stopped at the bottom of a steep mountain of stone and watched Panther run to the top.

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