Mindful Mandala Cards

I had an idea—one that excited and inspired me—one that pushed me to grow and evolve—one I could share with others and help them shift and evolve as well.

It is a big idea, huge, one that has been building my whole life. Now it is reshaping lives.

This idea was to create a set of self-inquiry cards people can use to resolve conflict in any situation. These cards aren’t ordinary oracle or Tarot style cards. They are not intended to call on outside assistance—what has become the Mindful Mandala cards embody what it is to be human—with all the juicy bits and pieces, and they are ready to be shared with you.



I created the Mindful Mandala cards because life is full of questions. Some are simple inquiries; others are multi-layered concerns that take longer to find an answer. My training as a yoga and meditation practitioner, has taught me the importance of self-inquiry and the power of stillness. I’ve learned how focusing the mind can bring clarity to any confusing situation. Yet, I wanted something more specific—a way to inquire about an immediate issue and know what action to take towards resolution, a way to cut through my Ego’s blocks and get to the heart of the matter quickly.

The Mindful Mandala cards, are a self inquiry tool to use for any situation, by anyone, for whatever reason. They provide immediate action to shift a negative situation in a positive direction, and they are available to you HERE.