ANGER: Challenge #1

Your anger is seldom about the object present. Anger just is. For you, there is a mental conflict, perhaps something you haven’t resolved from the past. Unresolved emotions such as fear, attachment to pleasure and pain can fuel the fire. When an opportunity to grow comes along, Ego gladly expresses lingering Anger. Anger traps your mind so that all you can think about is the person, situation, or Self, at which you are angry.

The rage in your mind is a narrative you’ve created that can only build towards combustion. Are you sure you want to go up in smoke? Instead, how about resolving this situation in a peaceful way, by first unmasking the core of your displeasure. Take a deep breath, step away from the situation, calm down, and sit in stillness. Become the observer of your thoughts, instead of the destroyer of worlds. Now, consider the situation you wish to resolve. Are you so trapped in the movie that you cannot see what is really happening? A bold move is to act with loving kindness. Someone needs to get the peace ball rolling. It may as well be you.

(Excerpted from the Mindful Mandala cards. Available soon.)
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