Mystics and Mandalas

When is an artwork done well?  When it evokes an emotional connection between you and the image and ties us back to the core of the individual in relation to the rest of the world.

 In the case of Mystics and Mandalas, the featured artist Delia Quigley takes you on a journey that looks at what is the Self and what it is to be human.

Through her work, she offers a way to understand ourselves better as well as explore the notions and compartments in which we often find ourselves being defined.

Delia’s installation, Divine Mandalas, Your Journey Within, is born from a background steeped in studying scriptures, practicing yoga, and mindful meditation for over 30 years.  Delia skillfully weaves together this background with a shaman’s photographic vision.

Through the use of Mandalas, which symbolize an unbroken circle, she has created a field guide for those looking to clarify, understand and resolve some of the biggest challenges we face in our day to day lives.

Divine Mandalas is an interactive exhibition that allows one to use Delia’s mandalas to examine a situation you may be facing and get clarity on Actions you can take, Challenges to overcome, and Tools to assist you in overcoming these obstacles. It is the artists intent to awaken in the viewer the power of the Mandala, and how it can assist, inspire and transform your spiritual practice.