Abandoned Malls

I see them everywhere now
Malls empty, derelict, abandoned
Vast parking lots cracked and potholed
America’s former playgrounds
Gone the way of all our “stuff”

Funny how location doesn’t seem to matter
Wealthy or poor neighborhoods have them
Now home to drug addicts and the homeless
A blight on the landscape yet we ignore them
The message of America’s decline all too obvious

How can we make America great again
When our money goes to fighting wars
We have no business sending our children to fight
We feed the war machine and grow poor
While America’s infrastructure continues to decay
And foreign interests plot our very destruction

Nature pushes up through the concrete
Reaching for sunlight as we all should
Look! Now we have a place to grow food
To create parks where people can gather
Centers for performance and artist space
What will it take to reclaim this waste
And transform it into a thriving community?