The People Are Tired

The people are tired
Their bodies strain under weight
loaded with sugar and white bread
The pain of living is dulled
by medications legal, mostly illegal
Life holds little meaning
pleasure and pain only
Churches have closed
All denominations shuttered
Entitled children wander
across the internet
looking for a sign of god

We turn to animals
to find unconditional love
Then hold them hostage
in crates and chains
So they cannot run away
from our demands
to be loved in return

The earth spins on
precarious on her axis
Encased in toxic fumes
that we all have created
We live in crowded cities
Atop exploding mountains
Along the receding shores
We laugh, cry, sing, dance
We make love and
hold tight to shameful secrets

Eventually, we are destroyed
by the very things we bury
Beneath a constant barrage
of garbage, information we
create true or false, lies and deceit
Observe now our dying species
for once we are gone
only our artists creations will remain
All else will return to the earth
Dust to dust

And from the forests
the crates and locked rooms
Animals will slowly emerge
Once beloved pets and friends
joining with the wild untamed
They will begin to repopulate
They will return Earth to Eden