In This Moment

In this moment I am well and content
I am in love with what I do each day
My dreams reveal new images to create
They tell me to explore the dark stories
Not just beauty learning to create structure
I am a teller of dark tales needing a voice

I read a photo book, violence against women
Of female mannequins, desolate landscapes
The images are in black and white
With no words for what each means
I want to read the artists voice in words
But she lets the dark photos speak for her

Now I have become afraid to die
Just when I have finally come to myself
I fear to lose this precious happiness
Do you understand my meaning?

To this I say,
In this moment, I am alive
In this moment I am the creative spirit
In this moment I have all I need
In this moment I am grateful for this moment

Fear of dying shadows my joy of living
Death comes in her time, in her way
I take hold of every second
Take hold before they quickly melt away
Between the sands of time and space

The human mind projects a future
But lasting peace rests in the now
How fortunate to have tasted the joy
This gift of creative mystery, this life
I followed the river and discovered paradise
Waiting for me to arrive
Waiting for my return